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Making life easier and simpler with power tools by Jon Dunn


Power tools - an insight for better knowledge

Although, power tools are used by professional workers only for various purposes but sometimes we also face a need to make use of them. There are various types of power tools available in the market today. Powered by an electric motor, a power tool has compressed air motor, an internal combustion engine, direct burning of fuels and propellants, or even natural power sources like wind or moving water. Classification of power tools can be done as either stationary or portable. Tools which are handheld come under portable tools category. Used in industry, construction, and around the house, they help in driving, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, polishing, painting, and heating. The tools used for metalworking are called machine tools. This term is not applied for tools used in woodworking. Some tools, such as drill presses and bench grinders, are used for both woodworking and metalworking. Some of the tools commonly used are given below:

Air tools

Ideally suited to cut curves, edges and angles normally difficult to cut in body work, air tools consist of tools like air nibbler, air chisel hammer, air grease gun, air blow out gun etc.

Pressure washers and spray guns

Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor cleaning, pressure washer are also categorized under power tools. These include different designs of pressure washers and submergible pumps, each having its own unique feature.


A multimaster is a kit consisting of various tools for use in construction and renovation process. It also consists of tools used in interior fittings.

Workshop machines

For working in a workshop, various types of machines are required. They may include variable speed drill press, dust extractors and planner thicknessers.

Routers, planers, biscuit joiners

Used in routing of wood routers are also counted as power tools. Planers are used for linear and helical planning.

Power tool manufacturing in UK

Numerous companies are working in the field of manufacturing different types of power tools in UK. Two such names which gained good heights as top brands are Bosch power tools and DeWalt power tools. DeWalt power tools are in market since 1924. Founder of the company Raymond E. DeWalt perfected the world's first radial arm machine in response to the demands of his job at the time. Named as the "Wonder-Worker," this machine increased the versatility of woodworkers. Today, there are around 200 electric tools and 800 accessories made available by DeWalt power tools which are serving those in woodworking and construction industry in making their tasks faster and better. Mentioning about the other name, Bosch power tools is also a well known brand in power tool industry. Their most recent product is Bosch 4 mini grinder, with a powerful motor of 850W. Power tools also need safety precautions. When operating, all power tools must be grounded or, more specifically, plugged into a GFCI outlet. Additionally, to avoid more injuries while using power tools, have the work area around the tools completely clear and organized and the cord to the tool out of the way to prevent tripping or electrocution.

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Mounting Styles For Your Gemstones

It is more difficult than assumed to find easy to set gemstone mountings. Most dealers want to sell finished goods and those who supply good to high grade mountings without stones sell only to established jewelry businesses. Such mountings require a trained jeweler to do the actual stone setting and finishing of the jewelry.

There are some companies that what they call “easy set” mountings. Without using the means a professional jeweler does, meaning lots of training and tools, this is not a bad way to get a feel for the work. You will be able to produce simple, though not elegant, jewelry in silver or gold. Some of the settings are not as easy to “set” as might be implied. Be ready to make a few mistakes and practice first with silver on your least appealing gemstones. When comfortable with the methods, go onto better settings and better stones.

What do I think of these sorts of settings and the “snap-tite” settings? Frankly, since I do work totally from scratch and by using purchased settings of high quality, I am not very impressed with the “easy set” and “snap-tite” settings. I suppose many years ago when I first started I would have seen these as a life saver, not knowing at the time how to set stones the professional ways. One sock truly does not fit all and sometimes fit will be a problem if stones have thick girdles(waists)or are cut with very deep pavilions.

The finish of the final product will not be like I would do with final finishing to a perfect surface but that cannot be and should not be expected in this sort of setting. The settings do look pretty good overall when you take the time to practice first and then do the best you can with better stones. No one is going to look so closely at the details of the finish as I would. Most regular non-jeweler folks who do like jewelry will likely oooh and ahhhh at the pretty jewelry you have done.

Prices are higher to the hobbyist and selling structures are slightly different. In either regard, the products are good overall and the catalogs provide some limited “tips” or clues to doing some kinds of jewelry work. There is not an on-line catalog but you can order catalogs from the website.

Now, working through your question, you asked: “I was thinking the solitaire mounting would be easy to find and should be able to get from the jeweler, but the reproductions will take some hunting. Is it cheaper to supply the mount myself? It there more a risk for damage and a poor setting job if i supply the mount myself?”

“The Emerald Cut Stone”. A simple solitaire type would be fine for this stone. The problem often encountered with colored stones is the “cut”, because often the stones are cut with a fairly deep pavilion (bottom half of the stone). If you simply purchased a setting for a single emerald cut stone of the right mm size, the setting might not fit due to depth of the gemstone.

In your case the depth of the emerald cut is not out of line and will likely fit a standard setting, but it really should be fitted to the mounting by hand to know for sure if modifications are needed. A “basket style” setting would likely be best. This has a rim of metal around the prongs just below where the girdle (waist) of the stone will fit in the setting.

“The Antique Style Mounting for a Square (cushion) Stone”. This setting will likely be difficult to locate. Many mountings are available with the openwork, filigree antique look you desire. However, to find on for the size and shape of stone you have presents a problem.

I seriously doubt you will find such a mounting available by your own searching; then, without being a jeweler and knowing how and what modifications can or should be made to a mounting, you really may not know if the ring will actually work for your stone. This one is also best left to a jeweler. A jeweler will have a much wider range of styles and qualities from several suppliers.

The jeweler if competent should be able to set this square cushion well enough in a proper mounting or purchase an antique style ring base and add a proper setting to the base. I do recommend having a jeweler do the work and supply the rings for the two stones you particularly like. The jeweler will have no reason to do a less than normal quality job on a setting you provide, since the reputation of the jeweler goes out on your hands whether the setting came from the jeweler or not.

But, since the setting for the square cushion may be a hard one to come by, if you find a mounting believing it will work then the jeweler has to do extensive reworking to actually “make it work” the overall work may not be what you expect in final looks, even if technically well done. Also, if a setting is purchased from a jeweler, the sizing to your correct finger size is generally “not” at an extra charge to you, it is part of the sale.

Going up two sizes from an 8 to a 10 will not adversely affect most settings, exceptions being rings with mostly recessed or hollow areas inside the ring which do not like to bend and round out easily and cleanly. Likely the jeweler cannot get the ring ready made in 10 anyway and part of the plan is to size to the correct finger size.

Overall, the sizes of the two stones are nice but not extreme.The sizes should not be a problem in finding mountings. Another reason to have the jeweler supply this setting is “turn around time” on the job. Sales take precedent and during busy seasons that is very true! A job with only labor charges and no other sale involved will sometimes be one of the last to get done during very busy times. This is just a part of business.

“Rhodium”. Years ago ladies bought white gold and wore it and had it buffed once in a while and never thought about a rhodium plate to make all whiter. Now, that appears the thing to do. With some white gold with a more yellow look the rhodium is a good idea but often a simple buffing will make the ring look just fine, even if not as white as rhodium. As for replating, the stone does not need to be removed.

Porous stones like turquoise and stones affected by acids such as pearls must be removed or otherwise protected from the solution. Topaz and most faceted colored gems will do just fine as set and no stone removal is needed. The solutions do not affect the gemstones.

Metal Working Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How would you specify and aquire your ideal, high-power, tracking, stable, portable, reflecting telescope?

What would you choose for the aperture and focal length? Assume that you already have a good 5" GEM, Newtonian reflector. What would you buy pre-assembled (given outstanding competition in today's free market) and what would you build yourself to save costs? I like the split ring mount and the equatorial platform. Assume no access to powered wood working or metal working tools. What would be your specifications and your approach for an ideal telescope along these lines, but on a budget of about $50 a month with as much time as is needed for aquiring a powerful, quality celestial probe.

Best Answer...


Well first, I'd buy the telescope used. Second, I'd get an 8" Meade or Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain that already comes with tracking.

Dobsonians are great but for astrophotography, the equatorial platforms are very expensive and building one will require either power tools or excellent hand driven wood working and machine skills, not to mention a lot of time.

Believe it or not, building your own telescope isn't neccisarily cheaper than buying a pre-made one anymore.

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